ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA (“ICON”) ensures AUREALS™ allow Individuals to Align Effort & Rewards

Dubai, UAE –September 01, 2023 – ICON has Been Providing GOLD STANDARD WEALTH PROTECTION FOR UHNW & INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS SINCE 2013 and will soon be making AUREALS™ available to Individuals across the globe.

ICON Founder, Chairman and CEO J. Bradley Hall noted: “ICON is seizing this moment to democratize AU money & allow individuals to re-assert their authority by aligning labor directly with compensation. A team of top gamification experts are designing a non-custodial wallet for new Distributed Ledger Technology users from 5 to 85. While all ICON users enjoy an entertaining experience, the security and encryption are state of the art allowing users to transfer any quantum of AUREALS™ anywhere in the world in <1 second, all without going through a bank, subject to a transparent 3% Velocity Tax.”

J Bradley added: “The ICON AUTHA™ wallet allows billions of under banked Global citizens who have been unable to realize their full potential under command & control hierarchies to begin a journey into economic sovereignty. The intuitive and easy to use UX is designed for curious new arrivals into the distributed ledger universe. ICON AUTHA™ wallets with <25k AUREALS™ cannot be put to ICON Treasury & a proprietary earnings accelerator fully endorsed by KPMG allows ICON to utilize these AUREALS™ earnings to create credit that can be deployed in un-banked & under-banked markets.”

In closing Mr. Hall stated: “Nelson Mandela acknowledged that Money won’t create success but the Freedom to make Money will. AUREALS™ empower users to directly align their labor with their compensation, removing all the middlemen and facilitating secure, discrete and trusted payments anywhere in the world <1 second all without going through a bank. We have also launched The REAL HEARTS OF GOLD FOUNDATION, endowed into perpetuity with 1% of all AUREALS™ Velocity Tax, is mandated to provide Nutrition, Education & a Golden Future for children. Gold to Good to Golden is the mantra & this charitable model supports a learn, earn & save initiative empowering the newly banked to use tools that ultimately help them prosper.

About ICON:
ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA has Been Providing GOLD STANDARD WEALTH PROTECTION FOR UHNW & INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS SINCE 2013 and will soon be making AUREALS™ available to Individuals across the globe. ICON is solving Physical AU & Digital Currency Structural Problems: (1) Central Bank Leased Physical AU Has been Re-hypothecated 300:1 by LBMA Bullion Banks. AUREALS™ circulate as AU digital money, reserved 1:1 with Physical AU Bars in fully insured, non-bank vaults. 100% AU backing is legally verified with regular audits, unlike LBMA bullion banks who re-hypothecate (sell) leased Central Bank AU 300:1; (2) The Value Stored in Physical AU Bars Lacks Velocity. CINTAMANI™ embed the Vault issued SKR meta data into an NFT, which is immutably reserved on the Hedera distributed ledger. Each CINTAMANI™ is directly linked 1:1 with a Physical AU Bar. Minting releases 1,000 ~ 1-gram digital AUREALS™, adding Velocity to the Physical AU Bars; (3) Digital Currencies are subject to Regulatory Uncertainty. AUREALS™ are 100% AU backed & purchases of GOLD or AU currencies are not deemed to be securities under the Howey Test, which defines securities as investments of money in a common enterprise and a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others; (4) Digital Currencies on Un-regulated Exchanges are Un-suitable for Institutional Investors. AUREALS™ are also offered via a Wiener Börse listed ETF type tracker. QI’s & Institutional Investors can trade an AUREALS™ GOLD backed money market fund, with a 0% Load, 0% Management Fees, ISIN issued by SIXSWISS, clearing on EUROCLEAR & quoted on Bloomberg; (5) Digital Currencies lack REAL Liquidity. AUREALS™ sent in any quantum will clear, settle & be irrevocable registered on Hedera in<1 second, without going through a bank. Holders of >25k AUREALS™ enjoy additional Liquidity on Demand with ICON Treasury offering SWAPS for: (i) any currency; (ii) Physical AU; or use as collateral for spend on an ICON LIMITLESS™ card; (6) Digital Currencies are Slow, Expensive & Environmentally Harmful. AUREALS™ clear & settle 10k TPS @ USD$0.0001 per. This is 6x faster than VISA/MC & a quantum leap ahead of BTC (4 TPM @ USD$22.57 per) & ETH (15 TPS @ USD$19.55 per). Consumption of 0.00017 KWH per AUREAL™ transaction obliterates each BTC ~ 885+ & ETH 102+ KWH transactions.

J Bradley Hall – reservations@icon.gold | CEO