C-Suite Leadership in Global Finance, Banking, Fund
Management, AU Trading & DLT Innovation

J. Bradley Hall

Founder, Chairman, CEO

Brad is a Founder & C level Exec who has launched & nurtured fintech unicorns in 30+ countries offering real world insights & guidance into monetizing disruption.

Brad has deployed disruptive business models challenging outdated & often vulnerable incumbents across cultures & geographies including: the CIS, Asia, EU and the Americas.

Brad has orchestrated cUSD$2 billion+ in raises, listings & exits, now based in Dubai focused on Africa, Asia & BRICS.

Ted Baker

Listed Derivatives & Trading

Ted has spent 4+ decades in the financial services industry including as Chairman & COO of Pershing Trading Company, which was sold to BNY Mellon for USD$11bn+.

Ted has developed expertise in Specialist, OTC, International Sales Agency, Options & Equity Derivatives, Correspondent Clearing, electronic broker & settlement platforms.

Ted has provided Board level & Exec Committee service on multiple US Exchanges & Options Clearing Corp.

Robert Flohr

MD Corporate Development

Bob has had a long career at McKinsey and Korn Ferry as a Senior Advisor to major banks, asset managers, investors & tech businesses.


Bob was originally based in New York, spent over 20 years in London, & has been coming to the UAE for 27 years while continuing to work with Boards & CEO’s globally.

Bob has advised top tier banks like UBS on restructuring, integration, leadership & succession planning.

George Kannan

Arab Financial Institutions

George has been CEO of the Arab Bankers Association in London since 2009, writing extensively on banking & recently published his memoir.


George has been based In London, for 40+ years beginning when he created & managed The Saudi American Bank branch & the associated investment company SCMI.

George continues to actively serve on the Boards of Financial & Industrial companies.

Ethics, Desire and Focus.
Big Brains, Bigger Ambitions & Actual Rocket Scientists

Ali Rupani

Sovereign Wealth

Ali has spent 21+ years in I Banking, 10 years at Goldman Sachs & 5 years at HSBC.

Ali developed deep FICC (Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities) relationships across Sovereign, Institutional, Corporate & Family Office Client bases with a primary focus on the Middle East & Africa.

David Fritsche

Secure Communications

David is a seasoned CTO having 38+ years in technology in private & public sectors.

David is a Founder of Secured Communication offering mobile encryption using AES & he previously worked at NASA on Voyager II, Galileo & IRAS projects, winning the Award of Excellence.

Asif Adatia

Trading Platforms

Asif is a seasoned technology professional having 38+ years at top tier Investment banks.

Asif had numerous leadership roles at Goldman Sachs including being part of the executive management team that setup Goldman Sachs India & he was also the Head of Trading Systems at JP Morgan.

Kami Rita

Honorary Sherpa

In 1994 Kami Rita first summited 8848.86m Mt Everest. In May 2023, he completed his 28th.

Success is derived via a fusion of leadership & fearless imagination. Contributing & manifesting your own audacious goals is encouraged with special dispensation granted to those who can move mountains.

Solving Physical AU & Digital Currency Structural Problems

Harvard Monetary Scholar Dr Edwin Viera notes that in 30-40 year cycles, players in complex financial systems re-hypothecate assets until the system Apex’s, Implodes & Resets. ICON is purpose built for this exact scenario, using AU to solve for:

Central Bank Leased Physical AU Has been Re-hypothecated 300:1 by LBMA Bullion Banks:

AUREALS™ circulate as AU digital money, reserved 1:1 with Physical AU Bars in fully insured, non-bank vaults. 100% AU backing is legally verified with regular audits, unlike LBMA bullion banks who re-hypothecate (sell) leased Central Bank AU 300:1.

The Value Stored in Physical AU Bars Lacks Velocity:

CINTAMANI™ embed the Vault issued SKR meta data into an NFT, which is immutably reserved on the Hedera distributed ledger. Each CINTAMANI™ is directly linked 1:1 with a Physical AU Bar. Minting releases 1,000 ~ 1-gram digital AUREALS™, adding Velocity to the Physical AU Bars.

Digital Currencies are subject to Regulatory Uncertainty:

AUREALS™ are 100% AU backed & purchases of GOLD or AU currencies are not deemed to be securities under the Howey Test, which defines securities as investments of money in a common enterprise and a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others.

Digital Currencies on Un-regulated Exchanges are Un-suitable for Institutional Investors:

AUREALS™ are also offered via a Wiener Börse listed ETF type tracker. QI’s & Institutional Investors can trade an AUREALS™ GOLD backed money market fund, with a 0% Load, 0% Management Fees, ISIN issued by SIXSWISS, clearing on EUROCLEAR & quoted on Bloomberg.

Digital Currencies lack REAL Liquidity:

AUREALS™ sent in any quantum will clear, settle & be irrevocable registered on Hedera in<1 second, without going through a bank. Holders of >25k AUREALS™ enjoy additional Liquidity on Demand with ICON Treasury offering SWAPS for: (i) any currency; (ii) Physical AU; or use as collateral for spend on an ICON LIMITLESS™ card.

Digital Currencies are Slow, Expensive & Environmentally Harmful

AUREALS™ clear & settle 10k TPS @ USD$0.0001 per. This is 6x faster than VISA/MC & a quantum leap ahead of BTC (4 TPM @ USD$22.57 per) & ETH (15 TPS @ USD$19.55 per). Consumption of 0.00017 KWH per AUREAL™ transaction obliterates each BTC ~ 885+ & ETH 102+ KWH transactions.

AUREALS™ are Faster, Cheaper, Environmentally Sound Money

Distributed Ledger
2013 V1.0
Proof of Work
2017 V2.0
Proof of Work
2023 V3.0
Proof of Stake
AVERAGE FEE USD$22.57 USD$19.55 USD$0.0001

* Transactions per Minute for BTC Blockchain vs Transactions per Second for Ethereum & Hedera.
** A Single BTC transaction consumes 300x electricity consumed by a NY household monthly, resulting in outlawed BTC/ETH mining.

ICON ~ 100% Physical AU
Non-Bank Vault Reserve ~ Fully Insured ~ 1 Kilo Bars


ICON enters long term AU Dore offtake agreements with producers at a targeted -15% & AU bullion SPOT purchases at a targeted-5%. ICON offers large holders of AU, bespoke Physical AU / AUREALS™ swaps for 60-month terms that includes re-smelting of legacy AU bars & insured vaulting. Private clients holding AUREALS™ continue to enjoy AU appreciation averaging 8% per year (for 50+ years), tapping liquidity on demand, legally assured of end of term AUREAL™ / AU swaps.

AUREALS™ are minted at LBMA 2nd fix or spot set daily in London. The bid price of AUREALS™ is spot & key global traders have indicated that 100% AU backed AUREALS™, may trade at a premium to spot +15%, once escape velocity is achieved. This implies 5% to 30% seigniorage on each minted AUREAL™, which may increase further as AUREALS™ become a trusted source for price discovery, replacing 300:1 re-hypothecated LBMA synthetic AU.

Creators & Custodians of Intergenerational wealth understand Physical AU stored outside a financial institution like the ICON allocated .9999 Bars in non-bank vaults in Shanghai; Hong Kong; Singapore, Dubai & Switzerland are exempt from declaration. While families utilizing non-bank Vaults may pay 1% in annual fees, ICON enjoys wholesale vaulting rates.

The Swiss mountain fortress is a former military facility with an attached private airstrip, luxe hospitality chalet, internal data center & is fully hardened against nuclear, biological, chemical & EMP attacks. Explosion proof security, bullet proof locks, facial recognition, video & 24-hour surveillance all enhance Privacy into the ultimate expression of Security, Discretion & Trust.

NON Bank Vault Reserve ~ Global Locations

ICON utilizes fully insured, non-bank vaults in free zones that include Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Switzerland, where our partners operate a former military facility inside a mountain, complete with a private air strip.

ICON is not deemed to be a Foreign Financial Institution (FFI ) under FATCA or CRS and is exempt from declaring the Physical AU it vaults, while remaining 100% compliant. Many tier one FFI’s store AU in the same vaults but their customers are rendered creditors and often obligated to declare any amount over US$50,000.

The secure vaulting facilities contract to store and insure the ICON Physical AU Bars. The title does not transfer, as the vault operator issues a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) to ICON that identifies each individual bar with a Hallmark from the refinery, weight and measure, purity and bar codes.



The fully insured Shanghai Gold Exchange (“SGE”) was established in October 2002 by People’s Bank of China (“PBOC”). The SGE enables foreign institutions and individuals to access the Chinese precious metals market by providing trading, clearing, delivery and vaulting services for Physical AU Bullion. The SGE assumes full responsibility and if one trading party defaults when clearing or delivering physical AU, the SGE will guarantee the other party’s interests.

The Shanghai International Gold Exchange (“SGEI”) was registered in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in September, 2014 where physical AU contracts designed for international AU investors are listed and traded. The SGEI infrastructure encompasses a certified precious metals vault where the physical AU bullion is stored. This SGEI certified vault ring-fenced from the SGE’s network of physical AU vaults that serve the domestic Chinese AU market. The physical AU in the SGEI vault can be freely imported and exported from the FTZ, deemed to be outside of China for customs purposes. This SGEI certified vault “is” ring-fenced from the SGE’s network.

Swiss Alps


The fully insured mountain vault is a former military bunker built deep into the Swiss Alps, complete with a private airstrip and customs office. It was acquired from the Swiss government and the facility was further hardened as a “zero-risk” infrastructure offering protection against nuclear, biological and chemical attacks.

The facility offers full EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) protection, including separate explosion proof security zones with bullet proof lock gates, facial recognition, video surveillance and 24 hour civil and military surveillance.

Atmospheric over pressure prevents gas from entering the facility with a full ABC protection and a high performance cooling system that utilizes an underground lake to cool down all IT installations for ICON encrypted servers, completed with an automated assay and storage facility for up to 1,500MT of Physical AU Bullion.

Hong Kong


The fully insured Hong Kong International Airport Precious Metals Depository, was unveiled by the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong in September 2009. It is operated by the Hong Kong Airport Authority (rated AAA by Standard & Poor’s), which in turn is owned by the Hong Kong Government. Physical AU Bullion moves tax free in and out of the city and literally 50% of the world’s population, including residents of China and India, can be reached within 5 hours of the Hong Kong airport.


United Arab Emirates

The fully insured DMCC vault in Dubai began operating in April 2009 and is believed to be the largest non-sovereign vault in the Middle East. Dubai is conveniently situated to connect the growing physical AU trade flows to and from the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Europe and Africa and the vault has been designed to store large volumes of physical AU bullion while benefiting from the facility’s close proximity to Dubai International Airport, the Deira Gold Souk and Jebel Ali Port.


Republic of Singapore

The fully insured Singapore FreePort in Changi airport opened in May 2010 as a high tech secure storage vault for physical AU bullion and high value collectibles. It is modeled after Swiss freeports as it provides physical AU bullion traders and wealthy collectors with a facility for long term storage and trading while exempt from customs duties or Goods and Services Tax.

Singapore’s strategic location, sound infrastructure and excellent connectivity to key markets in Asia makes it an attractive location for vaulting and trading physical AU bullion.

Swiss Alps

CINTAMANI™ ~ 100% Physical Backed AU
Hedera Encrypted NFT Reserve ~ 1 Kilo Financial Bars

ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA creates a digital CINTAMANI™, Sanskrit for “Converting Thought Energy into Gold” as a non-fungible token (NFT) by embedding the Vault issued Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) meta data detailing: (i) refinery hallmark; (ii) purity; (iii) weight; (iv) bar code & (v) vault location, establishing a direct, legally binding, smart contractual link between the CINTAMANI™ & an ICON allocated & insured .9999 Physical AU Bar.

CINTAMANI™, are encrypted & securely vaulted on the Hedera Distributed Ledger creating an immutable record of the reserve currency, which cannot be re-hypothecated. The Hedera ledger also ensures there is no single point of regulatory capture or technology failure. The CINTAMANI™ minting process also automatically Mints & Issues 1,000 1-gram AUREALS™, fungible tokens, circulating as AU digital currency.

CINTAMANI™ are smart contracts legally defined as an ICON Reserve Currency that cannot be sold, pledged or otherwise re-hypothecated. Once minted, CINTAMANI™ can only be negotiated & redeemed with a minimum of 25,000 AUREALS™, which are then burned, releasing 25 SKR’s linked to 25 allocated ICON Physical AU Reserve .9999 1 kilo AU bars.

Each ICON Treasury wallet containing ICON Treasury Reserve CINTAMANI™ & circulating AUREALS™ on Hedera can be: (i) instantly audited & (ii) validated against audits of the SKR meta data & (iii) allocated ICON Physical AU Reserve .9999 1 kilo AU bars, contractually ensuring a 1:1 Physical AU backing is 100% maintained.

AUREALS™ ~ 100% Physical Backed AU
Wiener Börse Listed ETF ~ 1 Gram Financial Security

AUREALS™ can be Reserved & are negotiable as securities, where QI’s & Institutional Investors can trade a 0% Load & 0% Fee, Wiener Börse Listed ETF type tracker quoted on Bloomberg with clearing on EUROCLEAR. Purchases are fully exempt from KYC/AML allowing institutions to keep AUM in-house & create custody fees for for clients who can enjoy an AU backed money market fund that is cheaper & safer than bank deposits.

AUREALS™ listed security has precedent in the 2004 GLD ETF, launched with USD$115m AUM, growing to USD$1.3bn in 5 weeks & tripling to USD$4.3bn within 12 months (with AU at cUSD$450 per ounce). AUM quickly exploded 10X to USD$40.2bn, eventually peaking at USD$80bn+. ICON has a goal of disrupting the 20-year-old LBMA synthetic offering with additional Physical AU backed AUREAL™ ETF type listings in key global markets.

AUREALS™ can be used to Structure & List various Assets in similar ETF’s featuring AUREALS™ as the numeraire for price discovery with Energy, Soy, Wine, Real Estate & Fine Art all priced in AUREALS™ with clearing & settlement on EUROCLEAR ensuring that the ETF units have limitless liquidity and can be quickly and easily borrowed against.

AUREALS™ denominated funds should eventually be unzippable & fungible. (ie you can swap Real Estate, Fine Art or Wine priced in AUREALS™ listed securities for directly held AUREALS™). Brasilian producers of Soy can soon accept AUREALS™ to clear & settle supply contracts with their Chinese buyers, in seconds.

AUREALS™ ~ 100% Physical Backed AU
ICON AURORA™ Non-Custodial ~ UHNW Digital Wallet

The ICON AURORA™ non-custodial digital wallet is designed for the 26%+ UHNW investors who Goldman Sachs identifies as active crypto investors & perhaps more importantly the 74% non-crypto UHNW investors who historically allocate 10% of their portfolios to AU. They understand the recent US & Swiss bank failures are a warning to accelerate the transfer of debt-based (fiat) deposits out of increasingly insolvent custodians.

The AI enabled ICON AURORA™™ wallet allows users to transfer any quantum of AUREALS™ anywhere in the world in <1 second all without going through a bank. Transfers are subject to a 3% Velocity Tax & Holders of >25k AUREALS™ enjoy additional privileges including; (i) swapping AUREALS™ for any currency (3%+2% FX) or (ii) CINTAMANI™ (Physical AU Bars) (3%+5% FX); & (iii) pledging AUREALS™ for an ICON LIMITLESS™ Card (3% FX).

The ICON AURORA™ wallet is like your own USD$1bn virtual safety deposit box created as a bespoke financial remote control for 223,000 UHNW families & 2,473 billionaires holding US$30T in Businesses & real estate, USD$13T in increasingly risky bank deposits, USD$10T with advisors & USD$9T in cash. This curated group also confirms Asia as #1 in UHNW wealth. The UAE is strategically positioned as a gateway to Gulf & Asian UHNW wealth along the BRI.

ICON AURORA™ wallets offer USD$1bn insurance, multi-currency accounts, instant transfers, 7 Second KYC & AML for on-boarding in 200 countries, 1 button Buy/Sell deep liquidity, with global equity trading (coming) & the ICON LIMITLESS™ Biometric credit card with AUREALS™ pledged as collateral offering liquidity on demand.

non-custodial Digital Wallets include USD$1bn insurance wrapper ensuring AUREALS™ & local stored encrypted keys are fully insured against loss or theft.”

AUREALS™ ~ 100% Physical Backed AU
Collateral for ICON LIMITLESS™ UHNW Premium Card


ICON LIMITLESS™ Ultra Premium credit card is like a secret handshake indicating membership in the Gresham’s Law Sovereign Society, where Good AU money is hoarded & bad fiat money is spent. Card balances are always negative or zero, eliminating pesky reporting requirements & monthly statements can be settled in any currency, preserving the value of the >25k AUREALS™ pledged as collateral.

ICON is working closely with VISA, MasterCard & UPI to update a 1950’s payment rail. ICON LIMITLESS™ credit cards reflect partnerships with the pre-eminent biometric card developer and a cutting edge battery designer embedding powerful computing with a Biometric reader; RfID chip; screen, encrypted cold storage and thermal harvesting, printable non-lithium battery tech.

Private Members can have the AI enabled global concierge source front row seats minutes before a show, secure a coveted Three Michelin Star reservation, charter a flight on a moments notice or even buy a jet. Cards can be issued to kids away at school, making available additional spend with AUREALS™ anywhere in the world in <1 second. Staff cards can be issued, for instant payment of wages & single use virtual authorization cards can be optimized for provisioning yachts or even enabling discrete purchases.

A Billion in assets won’t get you ICON LIMITLESS™ Membership, unless those assets include >25k AUREALS™ (cUSD$1.5m) in which case, you can add up to USD$1bn in AUREALS™ as collateral for your ICON LIMITLESS™ card(s), comfortable in the knowledge you are fully insured.

AUREALS™ ~ 100% Physical Backed AU
ICON AURA™ Learn & Earn Incentivized Wallet

The ICON AURA™ wallet also offers 7 Second KYC & AML for Seamless on-boarding of new users in 200 countries. Users who have received the ICON Golden Seal of approved KYC and qualify with the purchase of a minimum of 1 AUREAL™ to enter into the realm of a new Golden Renaissance.

ICON has partnered with the top viral marketing experts to design a revenue share model that distributes up to 1% of the Velocity Tax earmarked for distribution partners to ICON AURA™ subscribers across 7 levels of trusted referrals that Members bring into the ecosystem, learning, earning & saving in AUREALS™, forever.

While all ICON users are empowered to learn and earn, ICON AURA™ users with the Golden Seal of approved KYC also are entitled to additional privileges that can include Virtual debit cards & links with multi-currency accounts; <25k AUREALS™ cannot be put to ICON Treasury & an approved proprietary earnings accelerator (KPMG) allows ICON to utilize these Velocity Tax earnings to create credit, linked to new bank accounts and virtual debit cards. All boats float in a high tide.

The REAL HEARTS Foundation, endowed into perpetuity with 1% of all AUREALS™ Velocity Tax, is mandated to provide Nutrition, Education & a Golden Future for children. Gold to Good to Golden is the mantra & this charitable model supports a learn, earn & save initiative empowering the newly banked to use tools that ultimately help them prosper.

wallet offers 7 Second KYC for Seamless on-boarding in 200 countries validated with the ICON Golden Seal offering access to the new Learn & Earn Incentivized ecosystem”

AUREALS™ ~ 100% Physical Backed AU
ICON AUTHA™ Instant Access Wallet


The ICON AUTHA™ wallet allows billions of under banked Global citizens who have been unable to realize their full potential under command & control hierarchies to begin a journey into economic sovereignty. The intuitive and easy to use UX is designed for curious new arrivals into the distributed ledger universe.

ICON is seizing this moment to democratize AU money & allow individuals to re-assert their authority by aligning labor directly with compensation. A team of top gamification experts are designing a non-custodial wallet for new DLT users from 5 to 85.

While all ICON users enjoy an entertaining experience, the security and encryption are state of the art allowing users to transfer any quantum of AUREALS™ anywhere in the world in <1 second, all without going through a bank, subject to a 3% Velocity Tax.

ICON AUTHA™ wallets with <25k AUREALS™ cannot be put to ICON Treasury & a proprietary earnings accelerator fully approved by KPMG allows ICON to utilize these AUREALS™ earnings to create credit that can be deployed in unbanked & under-banked markets.

The REAL HEARTS OF GOLD FOUNDATION, endowed into perpetuity with 1% of all AUREALS™ Velocity Tax, is mandated to provide Nutrition, Education & a Golden Future for children. Gold to Good to Golden is the mantra & this charitable model supports a learn, earn & save initiative empowering the newly banked to use tools that ultimately help them prosper.

The Best Way to Predict the Future? Create It.



Security. Discretion. Trust. Re-imagined by disruptive innovators challenging outdated and vulnerable models with a brave new de-centralized architecture as the Foundation.

iPAY™ incorporates fintech licenses, IBAN’s, Biometric Cards, KYC & AML, API’s for onboarding & liquidity on demand & of course AUREALS™ for anytime, anywhere transfers <1 second via the Hedera distributed ledger.



Security. Discretion. Trust. Re-imagined as fusion of 100% GOLD backed AUREALS™, IBAN’s & ICON LIMITLESS™ cards on a distributed ledger-based banking platform.

iBANK™ offers Military Grade Security, Bank Grade KYC/AML, ICONx™ global liquidity with the entire platform offered as a turn-key solution to partners ready for a multi-polar settlement & currency world.



Security. Discretion. Trust. Re-imagined as a fusion of 100% GOLD Backed AUREALS™ and a handheld, air-gapped, hardware device engineered by Hedera DLT advocates.

iVAULT™ includes a huge insurance wrapper and embeds state of the art security in a design ethos reflecting an inspired engineering team who share our enthusiasm for Hedera distributed ledgers and AUREALS™.



Security. Discretion. Trust. Re-imagined as fusion of 100% GOLD backed AUREALS™ and a biometric tokenized identity service with keys firmly controlled by the User.

iD™ offers instant DLT Authentication and provides an overarching security layer ensuring an unbreakable link between secure, encrypted physical & digital identity that can be transferred and confirmed anywhere in seconds.

“Thoughts provoke Words. Words become Actions. Actions become Habits. Habits define your Character. Character Manifests Your Destiny.” Lao Tzu



Security. Discretion. Re-imagined as a fusion of 100% GOLD backed AUREALS™ offering liquidity on demand for clearing, settlement, trading and stable margin operations.

ICONx™ offers Digital Exchanges; Custody Providers, Liquidity Pools; OTC Desks; Hedge Funds; Asset Managers; and Banks a 100% GOLD backed, Tier 1 Asset as collateral for trading and lending.



Security. Discretion. Trust. Re-imagined as a fusion of 100% GOLD backed AUREALS™ and any asset or set of cash flows, providing instant GOLD based clearing, settlement and registration.

AUREALSx™ wrappers for Brasilian Agriculture (SOYAUREALS™); African Mineral Reserves (COAUREALS™); Energy storage (VAUREALS™); EU Carbon Credits (CAUREALS™) + Stealth projects.



Security. Discretion. Trust. Re-imagined as a fusion of 100% GOLD Backed AUREALS™ and 1% of the Velocity Tax generated endowing the REAL HEARTS of GOLD FOUNDATION, into perpetuity.

REAL HEARTS of GOLD has a mandate to provide children with Nutrition, Education and Opportunities. We are honored to begin manifesting a Golden Future for Humanity. Right Here. Right Now.


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