ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA To Deploy CINTAMANI™ on Hedera Hashgraph Public Ledger

Bangkok, Thailand – August 08, 2019 – ICON Capital Reserve SA (“ICON”) established in 2013 to empower Ultra High Net Worth (“UHNW”) individuals and family office private clients to create, trade and reserve value using gold and blockchain, will deploy its CINTAMANI™™ offering on the Hedera Hashgraph enterprise-grade public ledger. The platform is fast, fair, and secure and unlike most current blockchain-based platforms, doesn’t require proof of work.

Jordan Fried, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development for Hedera noted “When ICON CEO Brad reached out to us, he expressed that it had become apparent how important it is for their project to have the security, stability and robustness that Hedera provides. We are pleased that ICON has chosen to build their applications on the Hedera platform, to receive the benefits of important features such as native multi-layer threshold keys which allows for m of n signatures for transactions at multiple levels which enables improved governance and security.”

J. Bradley Hall, Founder and CEO of ICON commented, “We at ICON have been active in the space since 2013, originally deploying AUREALS™, a 1-gram weight and measure of fully reserved, digital gold on the Colored Coin Protocol. Over time the protocol was governed by a sort of reverse Moore’s Law, offering settlement times that were taking longer and getting more expensive. AUREALS™ act like gold, based on a 6000-year-old legacy of trust, but updated with cutting edge encryption. With Hedera, we now have not only a perfect way to reserve value with CINTAMANI™, but also an ability to create improved velocity in payments with AUREALS™.”

Fried added “This is an incredible time for Hedera as we work towards Open Access of our mainnet. It is exciting to work with disruptive companies like ICON, who seemingly have re-imagined what future gold-based money may look like and are dedicated to changing the way we create, trade and store value.”

Marcus Grub, ICON MD for Gold observed “There is an arms race going on in financial services, and in particular payments, where DLT based solutions like CINTAMANI™ and AUREALS™, built on Hedera, are disrupting incumbents. The result is that the centralized, command and control hierarchies of the last 70 years are decaying and imploding under their own weight.”

In closing, Hall noted, “Gold is a trusted store of value with a 6000-year legacy. I think Ray Dalio founder of Bridgewater Associates put it best when he said, ‘Those who don’t own 10% in gold, there’s no sensible reason, other than you don’t know history, or you don’t know the economics of it.’ By building on Hedera, we can run our existing Ethereum-based smart contracts with minimal change, allowing ICON to provide innovative offerings like CINTAMANI™ and AUREALS™ to improve liquidity for gold on demand. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to persuading the smartest and most successful wealth creators to allocate that 10% of their portfolios to AUREALS™.”

About ICON:
ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA was established in 2013 to empower UHNW individuals and Family Office Private Clients to create, trade and reserve value using gold and blockchain. ICON is built on a foundation of security, discretion and trust.The Company has fully invested in future-proof software and encryption to create AUREALS™, that insulates holders from currency, institutional and systemic hazard with all the insured gold that backs fully reserved CINTAMANI™ securely vaulted outside the banking system. ICON has established successful Private Client relationships in Europe, Asia, GCC, CIS and the Americas (excluding the USA) for several years. AUREALS™ were initially built with the Colored Coin Protocol and was subsequently updated to offer AUREALS™ (ERC20) and CINTAMANI™ (ERC721) as smart contracts on Ethereum. With a strategic shift to Hedera Hashgraph, ICON has also begun fundraising efforts to establish DLT leadership through a buy and build strategy built around CINTAMANI™ and AUREALS™ a fully gold reserved, digital clearing and global reserve currency.
J Bradley Hall – reservations@icon.gold | CEO