ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA (“ICON”) 100% AU backed AUREALS™ May be the killer App for Web 3.0

Dubai, UAE –June 20, 2023 – ICON has Been Providing GOLD STANDARD WEALTH PROTECTION FOR UHNW & INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS SINCE 2013 suggests the ICON AUTHA™ Non-Custodial wallet may have the same effect on Web 3.0 as Netscape and Google did on Web 1.0 the original internet.

ICON Founder, Chairman and CEO J. Bradley Hall noted: “ICON is seizing this moment to democratize AU money & allow individuals to re-assert their authority by aligning labor directly with compensation. A team of top gamification experts are designing a non-custodial wallet for new Distributed Ledger Technology users from 5 to 85. The ICON AUTHA™ wallet allows billions of under banked Global citizens who have been unable to realize their full potential under command & control hierarchies to begin a journey into economic sovereignty. The intuitive and easy to use UX is designed for curious new arrivals into the distributed ledger universe.

J Bradley added: ” Tim Berners Lee was credited as inventor of the internet but it was on April 4 1994, Jim Clark & Marc Andreessen launched Netscape to begin the Web 1.0 internet era that legendary Sand Hill Road VC John Doerr observed would result in the largest legal wealth creation in history. Google was launched shortly after to index the vast new volumes of accessible data and the company now called Alphabet enjoys a market cap of USD$1.7 trillion.”

In closing Hall stated: “E-mail was the Web 1.0 killer app and Money is expected to emerge as the killer app for Web 3.0. While BTC, ETH and 30,000 other tokens are fighting over designation as the betamax of Distributed Ledger Tech they all remain claim checks with nothing to claim or counterfeit when looked at in the context of money. AUREALS™ are 100% AU backed digital currency that also clear and settle faster than anything else in the space. Underlying transactions are irrevocably registered for USD$0.0001 again cheaper and more environmentally sound that any alternatives currently available. Many objective observers are concluding that AUREALS™ and the ICON AUTHA™ non custodial wallet may together represent the e-mail like killer app of Web 3.0”.

About ICON:
ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA has Been Providing GOLD STANDARD WEALTH PROTECTION FOR UHNW & INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS SINCE 2013 and will soon be making AUREALS™ available to Individuals across the globe. ICON is solving Physical AU & Digital Currency Structural Problems: (1) Central Bank Leased Physical AU Has been Re-hypothecated 300:1 by LBMA Bullion Banks. AUREALS™ circulate as AU digital money, reserved 1:1 with Physical AU Bars in fully insured, non-bank vaults. 100% AU backing is legally verified with regular audits, unlike LBMA bullion banks who re-hypothecate (sell) leased Central Bank AU 300:1; (2) The Value Stored in Physical AU Bars Lacks Velocity. CINTAMANI™ embed the Vault issued SKR meta data into an NFT, which is immutably reserved on the Hedera distributed ledger. Each CINTAMANI™ is directly linked 1:1 with a Physical AU Bar. Minting releases 1,000 ~ 1-gram digital AUREALS™, adding Velocity to the Physical AU Bars; (3) Digital Currencies are subject to Regulatory Uncertainty. AUREALS™ are 100% AU backed & purchases of GOLD or AU currencies are not deemed to be securities under the Howey Test, which defines securities as investments of money in a common enterprise and a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others; (4) Digital Currencies on Un-regulated Exchanges are Un-suitable for Institutional Investors. AUREALS™ are also offered via a Wiener Börse listed ETF type tracker. QI’s & Institutional Investors can trade an AUREALS™ GOLD backed money market fund, with a 0% Load, 0% Management Fees, ISIN issued by SIXSWISS, clearing on EUROCLEAR & quoted on Bloomberg; (5) Digital Currencies lack REAL Liquidity. AUREALS™ sent in any quantum will clear, settle & be irrevocable registered on Hedera in<1 second, without going through a bank. Holders of >25k AUREALS™ enjoy additional Liquidity on Demand with ICON Treasury offering SWAPS for: (i) any currency; (ii) Physical AU; or use as collateral for spend on an ICON LIMITLESS™ card; (6) Digital Currencies are Slow, Expensive & Environmentally Harmful. AUREALS™ clear & settle 10k TPS @ USD$0.0001 per. This is 6x faster than VISA/MC & a quantum leap ahead of BTC (4 TPM @ USD$22.57 per) & ETH (15 TPS @ USD$19.55 per). Consumption of 0.00017 KWH per AUREAL™ transaction obliterates each BTC ~ 885+ & ETH 102+ KWH transactions.

J Bradley Hall – reservations@icon.gold | CEO